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Universal Life Insurance

A universal life insurance policy gives you the flexibility to choose the amount of protection that best fits your needs. Flexible death benefit amounts and premiums allow you to keep pace with today's changing life circumstances while building tax-deferred cash value.

Heritage and Pivot UL

Are you looking for universal life insurance protection with cash value accumulation, but the numbers just aren’t adding up? Consider Cincinnati Life's Heritage UL for clients ages 18 and older and Pivot UL for juvenile clients.

Flexible death benefit amounts and premiums allow you to keep pace with today’s changing life circumstances while building tax-deferred cash value. As your or your family's needs change, the policy can change with you by allowing you to increase or decrease coverage.

With Heritage and Pivot UL you can count on:

  • Universal life coverage with competitive rates
  • Flexible premium payments and death benefits
  • Various riders to customize the policy to meet your needs
  • Guaranteed insurability to age 121
  • Tax-deferred cash value accumulation

LifeSetter Flex UL

People sometimes debate which type of coverage to purchase: term or permanent. Although term insurance is typically less expensive initially, the concern is that you may outlive your life insurance policy. With a permanent policy, you face the reality of paying a higher premium for coverage.

Now you have another option. LifeSetter Flex UL insurance offers you permanent death benefit protection with a lower level premium and limited cash accumulation. By paying a level premium, you can guarantee that the coverage is there when needed.

LifeSetter Flex UL also offers:

  • Single, limited or level pay options
  • Flexible guaranteed period with options up to age 121
  • Catch-up provision

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